Powering a more effective advertising ecosystem — across streaming and beyond — with a three-dimensional view of identity that covers people, homes and devices.


Learn about TruAudience identity resolution capabilities, powered by TransUnion’s three-dimensional view of identity covering most people, homes and device types. With TruAudience, brands and agencies can understand, create and actuate audiences across addressable media and publishers and platforms can build an identity strategy for the future.



TruAudience Identity

Our three-dimensional view of identity transcends advertising channels — direct, digital, streaming and whatever comes next — with a comprehensive view to reach more of the right consumers.


Data Marketplace

The definitive destination for targeting Connected TV and streaming audio homes with an accurate view at scale, our Data Marketplace is stocked with over 40,000 segments.



Expand and distribute audiences with accuracy, speed and ease. Our platform combines multikey matching, consumer data, modeling and connectivity.


Markets we serve

Brands and agencies

Understand, create and actuate audiences across streaming and addressable media. TruAudience links people, households and devices for high-fidelity targeting that scales.

Publishers and
ad tech platforms

Future-proof your identity strategy and dramatically increase scale to transact more impressions across streaming and addressable media.

Data providers

Our data, technology and connectivity unlocks the value of your assets with ease, scale and speed across channels. The self-serve Data Marketplace allows you to manage audience availability and pricing across buying points.

We’ve invested where it counts to be a leader in delivering a comprehensive three-dimensional view of identity across people, households and devices.

TransUnion is a valued partner, and we share a desire to forge the path forward for privacy-first identity solutions. Together we can better meet marketers’ evolving targeting, measurement and attribution needs in a convergent TV landscape, while always putting the consumer and their privacy first.”
Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph

“As consumers are shifting their viewing to OTT, media buyers are increasingly utilizing data to drive advertising efficiency. The enhancements to Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace (now TruAudience Data Marketplace) will give us and our clients an even greater ability to leverage audience data on the supply side at scale with speed.”  
Kristen Williams, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Magnite

“We were early adopters of the TruAudience Platform and modeled audiences, which enabled Taboola clients to achieve audience targeting objectives quickly and easily. By uploading first-party data and modeling directly from the Taboola platform, marketers can easily target scaled, campaign-specific audiences in a matter of days.”
Ehud Furman, VP, Advertising Services & Partnerships Group, Taboola

“The integration of the TruAudience Data Marketplace with the Triton Advertising Platform (Tap) enables our clients to target and connect with listeners on a more precise level than ever before. The ability to reach specific audiences with the right message, at the right time, and in the right place continues to prove invaluable in increasing ad effectiveness and relevance for the listener.”
John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital

“Scalable audience targeting has become critically important as connected TV grows across local advertising. Partnering with TransUnion has helped Sinclair provide best-in-class capabilities to our advertisers and partners.”
Rob Weisbord President, Sinclair Broadcasting

Insights and Events

Five Consumer Viewing Trends Changing TV for Good

A consumer survey commissioned by TransUnion revealed how streaming is eclipsing cable and satellite in viewership and engagement.Download our insight guide to explore results from the survey, including why streaming has become one of the main ways US consumers tune into TV.



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